Sunday, June 15, 2014

Meditation at the waterfall

I finally made it to the waterfall at night tonight.  Eliot has been asking to go for a while now. She wanted Lyn to go so the 3 of us went. I collected all of my accouterments and prepared for a cleansing personal ceremony. All went well. Eliot caught and released fireflies and watched the bats soar. Lyn read her book and drew in the sand. It was peaceful and I needed it.

Eliot collected some creek water to represent the element of water. All the other elements were represented as well. I made a smudge of rue, rosemary,  and white sage to burn in my cauldron.  It hasn't seen much use lately. First I burned down last season's evergreens (some cedar and juniper) to make room. I feel a bit more balanced.....

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