Sunday, August 31, 2014

A night in the dark...

Down at the creek again with the kids and my regular meditation ritual.  Etta was in my lap. Holding my youngest daughters helps center me. I burned one of my favorite incense, Gaia. I dressed a small beeswax candle and burned it with healing intent for friend's ill cat. May his strength return and help him heal. My orange candle was lit to celebrate the upcoming turning of year and a new season coming upon us. The white represents the life force around us that I manifest in my mind as the Earth that Mothers us. I did a few 3 card readings with a tarot deck I am not 100% comfortable with yet but they did give me some clarity to my thoughts. I always try to light three candles. They have different meanings each time though.

Our day yesterday (no football)

We are not a football or really any other sport family. I took yesterday to spend with some of my kids. We played at the playground and ran a lot of errands. I am so proud of my almost 16 year old daughter,  Lyn. She started a job. She has been working as a childcare provider at church but now she is a full fledged waitress getting tips. One of our errands was to drop her off at work. It was a hot day but we had fun playing. I brought some "funky" juice to cool us off as we played. Ahh, can everyday be Saturday?

My weight loss

I haven't weighed under 160 pounds in a while. My weight has gone up and hovered around 180 and 170 with the births of my last children.  Now at 40 years old I feel healthier than I have in a long time. I'm happy with my 9 month postpartum body after my 9th baby and 12th pregnancy.  150 pounds sounds like a new goal now.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Pick of the day

The yellow flowers have been speaking to me for several days now as I drive by them. I can see them out of a window during part of my work day too. I finally picked some. The purple flowers were a nice added surprise.  I never saw them hiding. I will add them to my wreath at home. I desperately need some golden rod.

My reading today

If I can get to it during work while the kids sleep I will start this read today....

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Water Communion

We celebrated at church today but since I was working in the nursery I missed out in participating.  So, I had my own water communion at home. Annika and Eliot helped.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

A Saturday with the kids....

At the waterfall we played in the water and collected water for Water Communion tomorrow.  Elaina ended up getting all wet by missing her step and falling in the water. And we saw a snake. All in all a quick visit on a hot day with a surprise. 

Etta is 9 months old!!

9 months old today.....

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Best security system

Don't want anyone to take your purse? Place your freshly pumped milk beside it.....

I have mastered pumping while driving.

My sweet Etta

Playing with a friend at church. Her friend is 4 months old. Etta will be 9 months old in 2 days. They come in all sizes :) .

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Evan, Eliot, and Ben worked on their shelves

We can call them personal altars or just plain shelves. I try to get the kids to incorporate the elements and a Mother figure onto their shelves but I don't push it. I want them to find their out paths. Evan added a lot to his. Eliot cleaned hers up and added some new flowers and herbs. Evan expanded his and Ben wanted an egg Mama for his. I think they all turned out wonderful. My candle is lit on my shelf too. I need to redo Annika's shelf even though she really doesn't care. Elaina's needs to be cleaned and Etta needs one started.


I think I will focus on this prosperity symbol for a while. I have blessed and burned prosperity candles but this symbol is calling to me. It is American in nature. The Dutch Amish culture uses it but as far as I know they don't actually use active hexes. Our family has been lucky in that I started a new teaching job paying a little more money. But so many new bills and goals to better the kids' lives seem to take up so much of any extra money I get. And a double edged sword is that I have lost so much baby weight that my clothes are too big and I can't afford to buy new ones. Bummer right? I have lost 50 pounds counting Etta ' s actually birth. 10 more pounds and I will weigh what I did when I met my husband.  OK, back to prosperity... I should be starting a part time job a few hours a day before my main job. That should help us get our heads above water. I will never be home to see my kids though. I wish I did not want to be an attachment parent.