Sunday, April 20, 2014

My new Etsy find

My new Goddess keychain.... isn't she pretty?

Cleavers, rosemary, and rue

Some of the herbs in abundance in my yard up to dry. I mainly dry them for esthetic and ritual use but they have welcome uses in the kitchen and in tinctures. ..

Don't pull it up by its roots!!!

Lesson learned.... Eliot now knows not to pull so hard on flowers. Cut them next time....

What to do with all the left over flowers...

I brought the flowers we didn't use at church home and left some in the vase on the front  porch and the rest got added to our wreath. I won't call it quite our Spring wreath since I usually make that one around the equinox.  This year it was really stressful then and it didn't happen. So this will be our Flower Communion wreath. Tonight I will light the yellow candle on the table for wisdom and the beeswax one on the wreath for peace.

Flower Communion

It is Easter day so at our Unitarian Universalist church we celebrated Flower Communion. I had 7 of my 9 kids with me. Danny and Connor were at their dad's home. As always with more than a handful of children it was a hectic day at church but not too bad. Lyn got to hang out with some friends she met at The Mountain. They were all asked to light the chalice.  She was wearing her new Chalice necklace today. Little things like that make me happy.

Etta wore her amber necklace for the first time today.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Collecting flowers for Flower Communion

Easter Egg hunt at UUCB...


My new purple Chalice

I was so excited when I searched for Chalice pendants on Etsy and found this purple one. Purple is my favorite color because it is pretty and because it is a mixture of the hottest and coolest colors. It brings me balance. I should have bought the string that came with this one. The band I wanted to put it on didn't fit. I will make it work!!!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Working with my beads today.... New order in

I enjoy working with my beads. I don't get chances like I used to. Elaina helped me create a Blessing Way bead order. Then she just explored the beads and matched them and sorted them. Love naturalistic learning. Who needs fancy toys?

The First Drawings

We read this book last night. It is so magical. One place I hope to visit are the caves in France where the cave paintings are....

Saturday, April 12, 2014


Tonight was so beautiful.  The stars and moon were just right. I lit the chalice and Ben and Eliot lit a candle and told their happy thought of the day. Elaina just wanted to keep lighting her candle over and over. Evan stayed inside.  Etta was on the blanket looking at the stars. I had some sage essential oil burning in my oil diffuser in lieu of a sage smudge. I really needed to have some meditation time but the kids were a bit too active. I need to have my candle and energy materials handy agsin. I need to find my box of supplies. Spring and Summer night meditations are so fulfilling.