Tuesday, November 14, 2017


A cross between a flute and a saxophone maybe. They are like pumped up recorders. I am so happy that my kids attend a school that focuses on music everyday not just every once in a while...

Ben wasn't as confident as Evan and Eliot but he will get the hang of it.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Lemon Balm Oil

My newest Etsy order from my shop... Calming Lemon Oil. This is an infussed oil using coconut oil, sweet almond oil, grapeseed oil, and freshly harvested lemon balm. Evan was my assistant. Actually, he did most of the work. Oh the smell.... The whole room smelled like lemons.

Saturday, November 11, 2017


The bigger kids were playing with Elias teaching him to "crawl". He isn't quite there yet but he is trying.

Did anyone notice?

I changed the title of my blog. Did any of my 3 regular followers notice? I started out keeping up with several blogs about different topics. The two main blogs I updated regularly were my Magical Mothering and The life and Times of Susan Betke. One was for specific personal and magical thoughts and practices with my family. When I incorporated those aspects into almost daily life I renamed my main life and times blog Magical Mothering. I could never figure out how to mesh the two. Magical Mothering, the original, is still in the blogosphere. I have taken a different path recently in my spiritual life. This has happened for a lot of reasons. I have always struggled with depression and feeling all alone my whole life that I can remember. I tried joining the Unitarian Universalist Church so I could be a part of a community and still not feel any religious pressure. I explored my aloneness that has turned into unwanted independence. I was very comfortable with secular Paganism. I could celebrate the seasons with my children and teach them about nature. I could be different. I am so alone though. I need a community.

I took a drastic route. In February I started attending an Independent Baptist Church near my home. It has a private school that is small and meets my needs of the type of preschool through 12th grade schooling in a simple safe environment that I always wanted for my kids. I tried to duplicate that with homeschooling but since I have to work I could never devote the time I needed to the kids' education. Eliot and Evan started first and then when it was obvious Ben wasn't going to get the help he needed in the public school I moved him and Elaina to the school. When I changed jobs and Etta no longer got a big discount where I was teaching she joined everyone at the Academy. Eli still goes to regular daycare because it has longer hours for my work but he will probably join the others when he is 2 years old. I had to really save a lot and work extra to afford this school. The promotion  I recently received working with Early Intervention should help me financially even though I am not really enjoying the job. Grandparents helped but the burden is still mine. I hope I will be able to pull tuition together for next year.

I am exploring my faith boundaries. A church that uses more ritual may be more to my liking but the kids are really enjoying the church and activities. Ben, Evan, and Eliot are even in the choir. I am attending most functions and am trying to make friends.

Oils from the Bible

I have not been working with my oils too much lately. Since I have been exploring the Bible at church I started looking at my oils that are mentioned and used in the Bible. Cedarwood has always been a favorite and I used to use it in my toddler class at nap time all the time. It has been handled more than the others. This was also the first time I used hyssop. It is supposed to be very cleansing. I have really enjoyed diffusing it this morning.


Evan is so good with Elias. He knows how to hold him, feed him, and make him laugh. He will make a good father or caregiver one day.

Good morning

He is a cute one....

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

She wanted broccoli...

I am proud of my kids' food choices. They have been eating more candy during this time of year but in general they make good choices......

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Sleeping soundly

I diffused a mild combination of oils to help Eli stop wheezing. He has had a little cold since Friday. He fell sound asleep and his breathing is steady. Sweet baby. I rarely use essential oils on the skin especially for babies and toddlers and then with a carrier oil. Diffusing is always a better bet.