Saturday, December 30, 2017

Library Day

Connor and Annika crept off to a WiFi corner but the 6 youngest kids played near me most of the time. Evan, Eliot, and Ben are old enough to explore on their own a little even though Ben is shy about it and unsure of himself. I had to talk him into walking to the kid bathroom by himself. I people watched a bit. I was taken aback by how 2 older girls were allowed to run amok in the little kid area. One even tried to pick Eli up. Their mother finally came a yelled at them that it was time to go. It was just

so obvious that they don't get to the library often.

Thursday, December 28, 2017


So many things are broken in my life right now.... Why not these? Connor didn't mean to but when he was helping sweep the kitchen and bumped a shelf. These dishes broke. We both cried. He felt so bad. It was an accident but it is meaningful to me. My Welsh saucer broken....