Sunday, January 31, 2010

Seven can be a lucky number...

All the kids hung out today. Ben is doing great. He is a pretty good baby. He is getting better at nursing. (He has a weird overbite and latches on strange.) Evan and Eliot are adjusting well to the new baby. Eliot has been a model big sister as far as 2 year olds go. I was afraid she would be too possessive of me and demanding of my attention. So far she is going with the flow.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Happiness is......

Happiness is...

Holding a new life and cherishing the responsibility

Chastising a 2nd grader and knowing it will make her a better person

Remembering the past and using it to better the future

Hearing what others have to say but only listening to what has meaning

Loving the man who opens his heart to me

Accepting one's faults and using them to see the world more fairly

Walking in a dream and never wanting to wake

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I can hear....

Ben had his newborn hearing screener today. Since we left the hospital early he missed out on it there. He did fine. He slept through it all which worked out because they needed him to be still and quiet for the test. Good job Ben!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

A review of milk storage bottles

I am enjoying using Medela's freezer storage bottles for newborn pumping and feedings. They won't hold enough for feedings when my baby needs more than an ounce or two though. For those first pumping sessions when a new mom can get a little disappointed by the amount or lack there of milk she produces these bottles help by giving a sense of accomplishment. I know it sounds silly but knowing you can fill "half" of a small bottle is psychologically more fulfilling than just covering the bottom of a regular sized bottle. The lids are a tight fit too so they don't leak at all during feedings. My frozen milk supply is well on its way.

Here is a link to the storage bottles....

A fairly "boring" delivery

How can a mom say such a thing :) ! Ben's arrival did not hold any surprises whatsoever. We decided to go for an augmentation for this birth due to my risk factors. OK on the books it was called an induction but I just don't like that ugly word. My doctor even humored me and stayed away from the word herself. We left the house Monday January 18th at 6:15am. Granny was left in charge of the kids. We made it to labor and delivery and settled in. My IV was started and I got into bed to wait for my doctor to arrive. She had forgotten to put me on her schedule but was upstairs in her office and came right down. At around 8:15am she checked me and said that I was still about 3 centimeters dilated. She tried to break my waters but they just weren't ready. They started the lowest dose of pitocin possible to see what would happen. Even before this the monitors were picking up several contractions. They were not painful. I've been having those for weeks now. With minimal pitocin my water broke on its own. That is always an interesting sensation. My pitocin was increased just a little bit and I was definitely getting uncomfortable. I hate it though when I am asked to rate my pain from one to ten. I have given birth naturally once and survived so I did not even rate that pain a ten. If I am still conscious I never rate it over a 5 or 6. Silly question anyway. Well I asked for an epidural just well, frankly because I could. After it was in place around 11:30am I was checked and was at 5 centimeters. I had told my husband when we arrived that I would have the baby by 2pm. I was thinking about adjusting that time because I did not think I was progressing too fast. Well, I was checked around 1:30 and was 10m centimeters and ready to push. They had turned off the pitocin by now. This epidural took so well that I was in pretty much total control with no pain at all. The nurse called for the doctor. She got there and we got ready to start pushing. They asked me to try pushing to see. Whoa!!! I was told to stop that! I pushed half a time and there Ben was. No tearing no trauma no stress. I sat up to see my son who was trying his best to cry his lungs out while being manhandled. He came out clean and purple. He pinked right up. Dad cut his cord and they placed him on my chest. I helped clean him up a little. They weighed him and made sure his airway was clear and we started skin to skin contact and nursing within 15 minutes of him being born. Ben did not latch on very well but we have time to practice. He seemed so little. He weighed 7lbs. 9oz. and was 19 1/2 inches long. That's a bit on the small side for me. I could have sworn that he would be at least a pound bigger. He is perfect though. And he made it here before 2pm. He was born at 1:41pm. We moved to our post-partum room and went home the next day. Neither of us had any complications so we went home within 26 hours. Ben has had a bit of jaundice but it has cleared up once he started pooping like a young man should. Nursing is going OK. He has a bit of an overbite so he is off center with his suck but we are working on it. As soon as he gets bigger that shouldn't be a problem. My milk came in in record time and my pump works just fine. He has had nothing but breastmilk and I have even been able to start my frozen milk supply for when I go back to work. Welcome to the family Ben!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hi Ben!

Ben was born Monday at 1:41pm. Everything went fine. He weighed 7lbs. 9oz. I'll be posting more soon.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Last meal

My mom was nice enough to watch the little kids so we could go out to eat one last time before the baby is here. I wanted a variety of choices and no limit so it was off to Golden Corral's all you can eat buffet. I ate too much and didn't really enjoy myself. It was nice to get out of the house though. The girls stuffed themselves and Evan and Eliot had fun at Granny's house for a few hours. I even got to take a nap when we got home. I am getting a bit nervous about tomorrow. I am sure everything will go fine. I'll keep everyone updated.

Friday, January 15, 2010

39 weeks

We are in the home stretch. I am walking around at 3 centimeters dilated. Everything is still going OK. My doctor has given me the option to try some natural ways to see if "Ben" is ready to be born. We are scheduled to go to the hospital on Monday to see how far I have dilated by then. She has given me the option to walk away and go home as long as my water hasn't broken during any of the interventions. We'll see how it goes. I am thinking this little boy may be my biggest one yet. I am guessing at least 8 lbs 8 oz. But I won't be surprised if he is over 9 lbs. But I will be happy no matter what he weighs. So far I have gained about 40 pounds myself. That isn't my record but it is close. This pregnancy has been a little different here at the end than my other ones. I have felt like I have been in early labor for weeks now. Maybe that is a good sign that everything will go smoothly and quickly. I'll keep everyone updated!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Baby Shower

My friends at work surprised me on Friday with an informal baby shower. (No one really expects one for their 7th child.) They took me to lunch for Mexican food and gave me some gifts for "Ben". I was really touched because the gifts they gave me were perfect. They actually listened to me!!!! Thank you so much guys. I had put a few items on a wish list on the sidebar of this blog so I knew anyone could read it but it means a lot to me that they paid attention. I am not one for people to go out of their way to celebrate occasions or to spend too much money. This get together was perfect!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow? Is it snow?

I have to remind myself that I do live in Alabama. Snow is a rare occasion. The big kids are out of school today after only being back in class for two days after Christmas break. Here is how much snow we have at work as of lunchtime. Maybe we will get enough to actually justify a snow day later. I am sure anyone following this blog even slightly north or west of here finds this hilarious. Alabamians always stress out over cold weather and the threat of snow. I am sure the grocery stores ran out of bread and milk last night. Even if we get a few inches today after this weekend everything will be back to simple jacket weather.

Here are a few pictures of snow days long past.

Danny and Connor last winter

Lyn, Annika, and Evan and some neighborhood kids last winter

Evan last winter

Eliot last winter

Lyn and Annika two winters ago

Lyn and Annika two winters ago

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ooooo free diapers for me!

A friend that I used to work with when I taught preschool stopped by to deliver me some diapers that her son grew out of. Yes, they are disposable ones. They are even name brand. Thanks Michelle! I had a doctor's visit today. Everything is going fine. I am a bit done though. I don't feel that being medically induced is an option especially with the risks of a third VBAC (vaginal birth after C-section). Nature will take its course eventually. I just wish eventually would come sooner than later.

Eliot or Annika?

Two of my little girls! Eliot and Annika are close to the same age in these pictures. It amazes me how much they look alike at times. Their hair is really close to the same color. Eliot has brown eyes while Annika has blue. We will just have to wait and see if they continue to favor each other in the future. Personality wise they are not alike. Eliot was an early talker and Annika needed a little Early Intervention to help her along. Eliot is really interested in going to the potty and she is not even 2 and a half. Annika was over three when she mastered that skill. They enjoy each other's company and play well together. Annika is a great big sister and Eliot seeks her out to play.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Ice in Alabama?

On the way to church this morning the girls and I stopped by McDonald's fora quick breakfast. We went through the drive thru. There was a lot more ice in the parking lotthan I took a picture of. I think some water must have been left on somewhere. It did not rain last night. Every morning that I stop bythis McDonald's on my way to work there are workers cleaning the parking lot with a presure washer. I wonder what happened.
More ice at McDonald's

Ice on bushes near church

Saturday, January 2, 2010

On a cold day in January...

It was pretty cold today but we wanted to get out of the house. So, we headed for the McWane Science Center. I guess we weren't the only ones who thought the same thing. It was so crowded. We tried to start the little kids out in the preschool section but we could not make our way around the strollers. We headed for the other floors instead. We didn't stay too long but the kids did enjoy themselves. I think their favorite exhibit was the touchable shark tank. They had rays and baby hammerhead sharks in it.

37 weeks

Well, we are heading for the home stretch. 3 weeks left to go. I am on weekly doctor visits now. I am having a little bit of anxiety. I guess I am just feeling my age and expecting the worst. My health is fine. My weight to fine (even if I am heavier than I like). Little boy is head down and he seems to be doing fine. He is definitely very active. He is either going to be a big boy or he just knows how to kick. I am wondering how big he will be. 8 pounds is my average for my full term babies. Anyone out there care to guess what baby "Ben" may be?

Danny 8 lbs.
Lyn 7 lbs 14 oz.
Connor 8 lbs 3 oz.
Annika 2 lbs. 7 oz. (28 weeks gestation)
Evan 8 lbs. 3 1/2 oz.
Eliot 7 lbs.