Saturday, November 30, 2013

Cuteness level off the chart

Elaina almost 18 months old and Etta Sophia one week old today. ...

Barter or Blackmail?

Lyn really wants to go to a concert with friends. She cleaned the kitchen and my bathroom without being asked. Then she asked if she could go to the concert. I asked her to clean the girl's room, stuff and organize the cloth diapers, and take the little kids to the playground. She didn't flinch... Should I milk it more or just let her know I already decided she could go..?

Friday, November 29, 2013

Yule Log

Lyn helped the little kids organize our Yule Log for the mantle. I need to tweak it a little but good job Lyn. So thankful for such a leader in my eldest dsughter. She is a blessing from the universe.

Eliot's eyes look a little spooky in the photo but they enjoyed making the arraignment. I really like burning beeswax candles. They clean the air and just put out a warm light. We need to collect some fresh mistletoe to add to it and it will just be about right.

Yes, I am cute

Etta is pretty cute if I say so myself. She sleeps good as long as I am holding her just like a newborn should. She is nursing well. We are taking it easy and just hanging out at home. She is more alert everyday and definitely has regular sleep and waking periods. Overall she is a typical and wonderful baby. I really think having a natural birth has helped me bond quicker with Etta. Sweet baby welcome Earthside!!!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

I am 4 days old

Etta Sophia is 4 days old. She is doing really well. We are having good night's and naps. She is snuggling down with me and nursing all the time so I can rest. As long as she is on her mama she is happy. And all is right with the world.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Got milk?

Wow.... having just weaned Elaina just over 2 months ago is making a difference.  My milk just came in quickly I believe because it never truly dried up. Now, these bottles are only 2 ounces so my ego got a boost.

Good latch Etta Sophia

Baby girl is nursing really well. She hasn't had too much trouble latching. My milk has come in  quickly.  She is almost totally finished passing meconium.  Way to go sweet pea. I am about to pump a little milk to ease some slight pre-engorgment. The last thing I need is a blocked duct or mastitis. 

Monday, November 25, 2013

Big Tiny Baby

Welcome home Etta Sophia.  Elaina is a bit confused but she is interacting OK with Sophia. Sophia, otherwise known as tiny baby, is doing real well.  She is nursing well and pooping. She has spit up a couple of times. Not many moms have so much milk I guess in only 2 days. I never fully dried up since weaning Elaina. Hopefully I can bypass my usual nipple soreness I get with my newborns. It is almost surreal how I feel. I set myself up so much during this pregnancy for the worst and the baby isn't only without genetic problems or too small she is really healthy. The discharge pediatrician seemed disappointed that she isn't showing any signs at all of jaundice.  She tried really hard to find yellowing on her scalp. There is none. She was able to have delayed cord clamping and has nursed so well she shouldn't have any jaundice. They were really concerned that I did not get the Hep B shot for her. I had to talk to the social worker because they were concerned.   The social worker set them straight. She told me she even does a modified schedule with her child. She said she would talk to them. I believe in a parent's choice when it comes to shots. The heavy schedule pushed by the CDC and the state isn't right for everyone. 

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Welcome Little One

She is here!!! 7 pounds 1 ounce and 18.5 inches long of sweetness.  Once I got to 5 centimeters or so things went quickly. We made it to the hospital by the time I was 6 centimeters.  Right under 2 hours later our new daughter arrived. She was almost born in her sac. More details to come.....

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

When you run out of Thieves oil....

What do you do when you run out of Thieves oil and you really want the smell freshening up your home? You make do with what you have. I ground up some whole cloves with my mortar and pestle and added 3 of the oils in Thieves (I didn't have the specific eucalyptus) and added all of that to coconut oil in my candle diffuser. Of course I like to use beeswax candles because they help clean the air of toxins. A lot better than regular cheap paraffin tea lights and they burn a lot longer.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

My sweet sleeping baby

Seems like my baby only wants to sleep in the crook of my arm. Someone needs to explain to her that her baby sister will be here soon. Poor Elaina she is going to be in for a shock. Ever since she weaned a few months ago she has needed more snuggle time and practically sleeps on top of me. A day or two of separation especially at night is going to be hard on her not to mention when baby and I come home and the baby has taken over her space in the crook of my arm. Oh well, I have two arms :)

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Oh what a night...

I guess I am just anxious to meet my new baby. I feel like I have been in early labor for days. Last night was a bit more uncomfortable than the previous nights. I almost wanted to just head to the hospital and throw my hands in the air and saw "let's get this show on the road". I know little one isn't ready or she would be here and I am only 38 weeks. My expectations are all over the place with the idea of her birth. Part of me wants to cherish these last pregnant moments and plan for a natural intervention free birth and labor at home as long as possible. I have even dreamt of a home birth. Another part of me is hoping I am at least 3 centimeters dilated and use some mild interventions like sweeping membranes and possibly breaking my waters to jump start everything. Even though I am usually against anything like that. I know trying to rush things is futile. I have rubbed evening primrose oil on my belly and added it to my bath (it has natural prostaglandins in it that can help ripen your cervix). I even took a few capsules of evening primrose by mouth. At my last maternity clinic visit last Thursday I had not gained any weight. I am sure I will though. If I had to guess this little girl may weigh in at 6'2". Everything is pointing to the fact that she may be small. One reason I think my contractions aren't doing much is because even though she is head down she is floating and won't engage until my water breaks. She is just so small she is swimming. I am being impatient. I know she needs to stay right where she is until SHE is ready to come out but I am a bit done by now. This pregnancy has been different though in some ways. Emotionally because of a few scares about genetic abnormalities and small size I have been anxious about things I never worried about before. Physically, I haven't gained as much weight even though in pictures I feel like I look huge. I don't waddle unless I am really tired at the end of the day and have done a lot of walking. I can still get out of the bathtub on my own. Clothes that I could not wear at the end of my last pregnancy still fit me. I just need to sit back and enjoy each day.....

Now, tomorrow is the full moon so who knows what will happen.

Homemade facial cream

I am not overly concerned with wrinkles or age spots but a lot of people are. A friend of mine wanted me to make up some face cream for her. She was already was using coconut oil but was curious if she could get more results with added ingredients. s a user and distributor of Young Living Oils I knew a lot of people use frankincense in their face creams. I added it and some evening primrose oil as well as a little lavender and  a touch of beeswax to thicken it all. I put it all in a recycled baby food jar and dropped it off to her. We will see how she likes it.... 

Friday, November 15, 2013

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Such a wonderful gift...

I had a wonderful visit today with a friend. She raises chickens and makes wonderful canned friut. She shared several dozen eggs. The kids actually polished off one of the big jars of pears with dinner. Eggs for breakfast lunch and dinner tomorrow!! Yum...

Thank you dear friend. I shall raid your home again soon.

Looks like I am almost done

Getting closer to meeting our new daughter. A few more weeks.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A well seasoned turkey

What happens when your child in kindergarten is asked to decorate a turkey and her mother is an herbalist?  Well, Eliot said her turkey is camouflaged and won't get eaten. I think is is just well seasoned!!!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Doula training and get together...

It was nice hanging out with fellow Doulas in the area. Everyone worked on different types of projects mainly teaching tools.... We had fun.

Now, what did I all make?

This is a special order... Hmmm, what is in it? Well, let's go from left to right. The first bottle with the label is a calming soothing oil that can be added to bath water or rubbed on the soles of a sick little one's feet or even used as a diaper rash soother. The second bottle with a dropper is lavender and feverfew tincture. A little goes a long way. Just a few drops added to warm tea or juice for a child over one will help them fight off a fever. It supports the body as it heals itself instead of just masking a fever. For infants a few drops added to a carrier oil like coconut oil and rubbed into the soles of the feet will have the same effect. I always add sock afterwards to keep bedding clean. The wide topped bottle holds arnica and eucalyptus infused oil. It is like a simple homemade "vapo-rub". It can be added to bath water or rubbed on the chest and back when a cold is causing congestion and / or cough. A little dabbed under the nose helps too. The next medium sized dropper bottle holds elderberry and fennel syrup. It soothes coughs and sore throats and plain tastes good. Elderberries have natural ant-viral properties. The largest dropper bottle holds elderberry tincture. It is strong and a few drops go a long way. It can be use to support the immune system on a regular basis or used when you feel illness coming on. A few drops added to any drink or just in your mouth do the trick everyday. A little extra when you are in the throes of say a bad cold or the flu. The tiny little bottles up front hold essential oil blends that naturally support health especially during cold season. One has RC which is a blend of several EOs and frankincense. Drops from this bottle can be added to a little coconut oil or other carrier oil and rubbed on the chest and back and the soles of the feet. It can be diffused or added to bath water also. A little goes a long way. It helps offer relief from congestion and cough. The other bottle holds stronger EOs that help fight infection in all forms. It contains some "hot" oils that absolutely have to be diluted with a carrier oil or they could burn sensitive skin. The EOs contained in it are oregano, lemongrass, rosemary, ocotea, ravinstara, cinnamon bark, and myrhh. I suggest trying one drop of this one at a time with plenty of carrier oil on an adult before a child. It works great but the oregano can be strong for some. I honestly believe it drove strep throat out of my house a few months ago....

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Fresh Elderberry and Fennel Syrup

I have so much fun making my potions and concoctions.  And unfortunately and fortunately since I have a lot of friends with sick kids I sold out within 2 hours of posting about this batch. I can make more though...

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Elaina reading one of my favorite books

The Icky Stick Frog... Check out my YouTube channel on the sidebar for a video reading...

First fire of the season

First, last night Evan and Eliot helped Daddy clean out the fireplace. They saved some ashes from last season's fires and added it to ashes from previous years. They waited till the next morning to light a fire though. It has been chilly in the mornings but by the evening it is really too warm for a fire.


Friday, November 8, 2013

Feeling closer to birth...

I have cleaned house a little yesterday and today. Not much but enough to get some clutter out of the way. I have been feeling very disconnected from life, family, and my pregnancy lately. Stresses of an uncertain future are my main blame.

I had my husband hang this small shelf in the bedroom today. I placed my lotus candle holder with a red candle in it. I also placed one of my mother figures that I think will be with me at birth. She is small and feels good in your hand. I may use her as a focal piece during labor.

I have missed my herb lore too. I just haven't been able to get into practicing unless I was making a remedy for friends or family.  I need to do more symbolic work since it used to bring me so much joy. I think today I will work on a positive birth amulet or sachet.

More eggs please

I guess 3 eggs weren't enough. She had to serve herself some more...

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Elaina is 17 months old today!

So hard to believe that this little baby is not so little anymore. She is technically still an infant and will be a big sister in a few weeks. She is covered in carrot cake not some exotic rash. She is getting over a long sort of strange illness. Probably just a cold gone wrong. She has spiked a fever in the evenings for about a week and had a cough and a little bit of a runny nose. Grumpiness and not being able to sleep were her biggest symptoms. I only wish I were still breastfeeding her. As soon as her new sister arrives I will try to get her to latch on to nurse again but I am OK if she will just take some breast milk in a bottle or a cup. This pregnancy robbed her of the time breast feeding that I wanted to give her. But we can play catch up. I really wanted her to have 2 full years of "mama milk" .

Monday, November 4, 2013

36 and a half weeks

I went to the maternity clinic today. Because the kids have been a bit sick as well as myself I didn't want to get them out lately so I missed my last two visits. It has been 3 weeks since I have been to the clinic. At my last visit all was well. Today was fine except that instead of measuring a little ahead I measured at 33 weeks. I pretty much had to beg my provider to palpate my belly to check little one's position. I really feel like she is in a transverse position. Turned out (no pun intended) she was head down and in a good position. That debunked my theory that I feel her small size or rather my belly's small size is due to her position. I have gained 33 pounds so I know at least I am eating. Now, is she getting what she needs? Of course they are concerned now that the baby may be experiencing growth retardation or my fluid level may be low. Next step is an ultrasound to check that out. I am not super keen on unnecessary ultrasounds but I agreed especially because of our earlier concerns of genetic problems. I will be going in next week for an ultrasound. We shall see how everything goes. I am only concerned if they find something. I am trying to not dwell on it all till I have more information.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Welcome November

This book has such beautiful imagery.  It has simple activities for the family to enjoy each month. I have mentioned it before in my blog but it just felt right to read it some tonight and mention it. I am trying to center myself again. I have the tools to do so I just need to use them. Some people start naming things they are thankful for in the month of November. I usually don't do that too much because I try to be thankful all the time. But today I am very thankful for my mother, her mother-in-law and my husband. Thank you....

Friday, November 1, 2013

36+ weeks

Getting closer. I know I am getting closer to meeting my little girl because all I want to do is eat junk food. I recognize this as a primal need to add fat to my diet to help with fetal brain development. I really should try harder to make healthy fat choices. Yesterday it was dairy kefir and mixed nuts (with a little Halloween candy swiped from the kids). Today I fear I may eat taquitos....

I have a sneaky feeling that baby girl (possible name today Etta Sophia) is in a breech position. I have missed my last maternity appointment due to car, childcare, and illness situations. I really want my provider to palpate and check Etta's position but she won't. She just wants to send me for an ultrasound. I don't like unnecessary procedures that results can be gleaned by less evasive means. I guess I will just get my Doula and Midwife student friends to check. I think I have mentioned it before but usually I can tell myself but this baby doesn't seem to be cooperating. I think she is small and doing somersaults. I cannot even imagine going through another C-section. That will devastate me emotionally.