Monday, November 25, 2013

Big Tiny Baby

Welcome home Etta Sophia.  Elaina is a bit confused but she is interacting OK with Sophia. Sophia, otherwise known as tiny baby, is doing real well.  She is nursing well and pooping. She has spit up a couple of times. Not many moms have so much milk I guess in only 2 days. I never fully dried up since weaning Elaina. Hopefully I can bypass my usual nipple soreness I get with my newborns. It is almost surreal how I feel. I set myself up so much during this pregnancy for the worst and the baby isn't only without genetic problems or too small she is really healthy. The discharge pediatrician seemed disappointed that she isn't showing any signs at all of jaundice.  She tried really hard to find yellowing on her scalp. There is none. She was able to have delayed cord clamping and has nursed so well she shouldn't have any jaundice. They were really concerned that I did not get the Hep B shot for her. I had to talk to the social worker because they were concerned.   The social worker set them straight. She told me she even does a modified schedule with her child. She said she would talk to them. I believe in a parent's choice when it comes to shots. The heavy schedule pushed by the CDC and the state isn't right for everyone. 

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