Sunday, August 16, 2015

Missing Annika

I know I am not a perfect Mother or anywhere near a perfect person but I love my children. I know when they need me. I know when I have to be stronger than I gave even been. I know that my pain is worth protecting them. Annika deserves all the world has to offer and I want to help her achieve any goals she has for herself and to encourage goals she never even thought of. She is a star and a jewel. She is my daughter....

A mother's love is a magical thing. Without my mother I would not be who I am today. She makes me better. I have 9 children. One is an adult but I will always be his mother. Connor is distant but hopefully he knows I will do anything for him. Danny, Lyn, Connor, Annika, Evan, Eliot, Ben, Elaina,  and Etta you are all my reason for being on this Earth.

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