Sunday, October 11, 2015

The Southeastern Women's Herbal Conference

Last weekend was awesome. We had a great time at the conference. The cabin was cozy. The drive in my new car was smooth. I only took Lyn, Jaynie, and Eliot this time. If I can get someone to provide childcare I want to take all the girls and possibly Ben next year. Older boys aren't allowed. Hurricane Joaquin pushed some rain into the mountains so we had a lot of mud to deal with but it sort of felt right. The spiritual environment was even and enlightening...

I bartered all of the necklaces and candles I brought. I should have brought more....

I got to meet Rosemary Gladstar!!!!

She signed two of my books!!!

I got to meet Whapio!!!!

The hemlock tree is endangered but there were plenty at camp.

I enjoyed watching this movie in this environment...

Road trip!

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