Wednesday, January 13, 2016

First fire of the season....

Evan and Eliot went on a hunt for tender for a fire tonight. The weather has been cooler. I wasn't quite up for an outdoor fire. I enjoy using my fireplace but have gotten out of practice with it. The way the furniture is arraigned makes it harder to sit in front of it and enjoy or work in front of it. We made it work tonight. Elaina, Eliot, and Etta were my helpers. Each one of them ground the meadow sweet herb for me. Eliot added ashes ftom last season and the seasons before that to the fireplace. As what came before us is added to what is to come... that is what that tepresents. Eliot also made her own firestarter wand. She used pine straw and a piece of the dried Yule tree tied with jute. She tied it with jute. It was actually beautiful as well as functional. She chose to add the piece of the tree. I asked her to get a sprig of rosemary for energy and the aroma. I like her choice better.

My cauldron in the picture holds dried herbs that I have been saving for months. As I have used bits and pieces for other projects or charms I never like to just throw away the extras. I save them to be burned. And that is exactly what I did. The candle that I chose to light was blue. It was chosen for healing. There has been a lot of pain both emotional and physical in my life lately. My heart has been broken. I need healing hence the blue. Of course my Winter Mother joined us. I have salt for protection and Meadowsweet in the mortar to be ground. It is for releasing tension and negativity. White ceremonial sage was added too. Eliot added her firestarter. I had my ashes container that holds ashes from fires past and future. A spoonful was added to the fire. At the end of the season a spoonful will be added to control the give and take. When we finished Eliot and Elaina spread the salt across the threshold at the house.

It was a nice cleansing ritual even if I was tired....

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