Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ben, my tiny little baby?

What, again? Ben hasn't been to the doctor for well visits (and dreaded shots) since he was 4 months old. He hasn't been sick aside from some thrush and a small cold or two. Since our WIC visit went so "well" I went ahead and scheduled a well visit at his pediatrician. They said his height is off the chart in the negative. His weight was in the 13th % and his head circumference was in the 66th%. So I guess I have a super short, skinny, big headed baby. I just don't buy that. They were also appalled that he was way behind on his shots. They wanted to play catch-up and give him multiple shots for the next 2 years every 6 weeks. I then asked what their no vaccine policy or modified vaccine schedule policy was. I was told no leeway, no shots no service. I checked out some other pediatricians and they pretty much said the same thing. I called my family doctor. They serve children whose parents choose not to vaccinate with no problem. Ben is covered by 2 insurances and my family doctor does not take one of them so I guess a co-pay is worth being treated like an individual. I may choose to vaccinate piece meal as he gets older but right now my "mother senses" are tingling and they say hold off for now. A mother makes a lot of decisions when it comes to the care of their children. It is my right to make this decision. Ben is very healthy. I will evaluate his needs according to my rules. I am thankful that there is at least one doctor out there that sees medical care as individualized care and that one size does not fit all. Feel free to contact me if anyone needs an understanding doctor and I will give you her name.

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