Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The skinny is....

Ben apparently is too skinny. We went to a WIC appointment today and he hasn't grown a whole lot (by their records) in 6 months. His height and weight are proportional. The nutritionist asked me if he had an underlying condition that would account for his slight size. I thought she was kidding there for a minute. She asked if he was on Pedisure. No he is not. She asked if he drinks enough milk. I told her he doesn't care for cow milk too much but yes, he drinks plenty of human milk (from me of course). Ben is a lot heavier than his older brother Evan. Ben weighed 22 pounds and was about 26 inches tall. Everyone comments on his cute cankles and more than adequate thighs. Are you kidding me? Ben is just right!

1 comment:

  1. Yes he is fine but as long as the WIC people think he's too skinny you'll keep on getting your vouchers! :)