Friday, September 19, 2014


I need more time. Working 12 hours a day and feeding a nursing baby all night is draining me. It is doing it more emotionally than physically.  I am a strong person but I miss my kids and home. Seeing my husband every once in a while would be nice too. Am I complaining?  Yes, I am. Everyone seems to think I am one of the easiest going strongest people they have met. I may be at times but I am still human.  I need support and to be understood.  I have dreams still. I want to better my life. I feel like a failure some days and other days I am amazed at what I can accomplish.  The extraordinary seems normal to me like raising a large family on a modest income and the "normal" of others seems so foreign to me. Complaining about the size of your house and that your new car is the wrong color are just not problems I understand.  Rant over.... it may continue at any time.

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