Saturday, October 11, 2014

Etta and her nursing / eating strike

We haven't been able to get Etta to take a bottle, baby food or even nurse more than about 4 times a day. She tends to throw up when she nurses a full meal. She tried a few pretzels today. I am not sure if she ate any though. I broke down and gave her some watered down organic apple juice and the little stinker held the bottle and drank about one ounce. That is a huge deal. I didn't really want her to start the juice habit but she needs something in her. I may try adding some breastmilk to it and make a smoothy. We have some green vegetable juices too. I just don't understand her not wanting milk. It is like food just doesn't have much meaning to her. I hate the puffs and disolvable dry baby foods on the market but that may be what she has to try. At least some of the newer ones have a little nutritional value. My baby is almost 11 months old and she seems like she is more like 5 maybe 6 months old. She is sitting up with a boppy now on the floor. She is gaining some new skills. These fevers she keeps having just don't act like viruses. I think the cysts in her brain may be contributing. A step will be taken when we meet with the geneticist on Monday.

Sweet dreams Etta

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