Sunday, December 21, 2014

Happy Birthday Connor

14 years old today! The weather was mild today but driving through an ice storm to deliver Connor was a memorable event. The doctor assisting in my delivery was impatient and brought out the vacuum extractor to pull him out even though I was pushing fine and had only pushed a few times. My body was fine with the labor but man was she impatient. He had a goose egg on his scalp and I became more knowledgeable about my rights to deny interventions after that. Connor is a special child. All of mine are but his specialness comes from the fact that he is so sensitive. He is so much like my brother. That is an honor and a burden. I am a pretty tough grudge holding b-word at times with arrogance and sarcasm thrown in. (What, you didn't know I knew :) ) But Connor, is a sweetheart. Even with the lies his father has told him about me and the feelings of abandonment he may harbor towards me he is a good kid. I am curious as to how his future may pan out but I do know because he is so sensitive he will be hurt but be capable of a lot of love also.

My boy is on his way to becoming a man....

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  1. The situation with your older children is very similar to my situation with mine. I admire how open you are about it. Maybe I am too sensitive, but opening about my oldest four is very hard.