Thursday, June 1, 2017

My afternoon

When you have a croupy cough and eye goop you get to visit your favorite doctor. Elias has blocked nasolacrimal ducts. These are the large ducts that you can see in the corner of your eyes. Everyone calls it the tear duct. The tear ducts are actually all under the eye kids and really small. Eli just had a cold and needs his nasolacrimal ducts massaged... Big sister Eliot came along for the ride.

All this after working a little over 7 hours and getting stood up by one EI job and having another reschedule. Eli didn't sleep very well last night so neither did Dad or myself but I am no too tired. Eliot and I had a really good talk on the way home. It really made me remember the talks with Lyn and Annika at the same age.

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