Friday, November 30, 2018

Modest and feeling beautiful

I was rushed this morning  and grabed random pieces of clothing. My colors are all over the place. I am wearing a blue skirt that has a lace pattern on it. It is from a thrift store. You can just make out some purple leggings underneath. I have a brown tank top on that happens to be a maternity one. It is long and was a favorite during my last two pregnancies. The yellow shirt is sleeveless with some patterning on it and a little fringe. It is from Target. The orange sweater also came from Target. I think everything turned out alright. It was a windy day and started raining later but I was totally comfortable and felt at peace. I know that sounds strange but during one of my jobs today I had to enter a lot of stores and offices and interact with a lot of men and women. I didn't feel dressed up. I would actually wear all of this at home curled with the kids watching a movie. I felt like I was being seen for me not parts of me. Yes, I am 44 and by no means a model or one to turn any one's eye but my husband's but I feel my outer beauty reflects my soul's beauty as a child of God. People look at my face and eyes. They listen to me. It may just be my perception that they do but I do know for a fact they aren't looking at how snug my clothes are and that my attitude  and self confidence shines so I then am positive in my interactions.

Colossians 3:2
Set your affections on things above , not on things of this earth.

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