Tuesday, December 31, 2013

End of a not so great year....

We did add a new baby to our family this year but I had a lot of losses this year too. I tried so hard to help Annika with her diagnoses and spent a lot of energy on her situation. She chose to live with her father and I let her go. I accept this decision good or bad I accept it. Etta's pregnancy was difficult. We first thought she was going to have genetic abnormalities and then that she might even be stillborn. Then we were told she was going to be very small when born. None of that was true but the stress was unbelievable. Take that with the grief we were given for having 9 children (only 6 live with us) we have had challenges. I also lost my job and we almost lost the house. Lyn's biological father came into the picture making demands right at the time I gave birth which was just bad timing and unrealistic. I am struggling with feeling like a failure at everything even at things I know I am good at.

So I can't really say this was the best year. I am grateful for my new daughter but I am glad this year is over....

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