Tuesday, August 12, 2014


I think I will focus on this prosperity symbol for a while. I have blessed and burned prosperity candles but this symbol is calling to me. It is American in nature. The Dutch Amish culture uses it but as far as I know they don't actually use active hexes. Our family has been lucky in that I started a new teaching job paying a little more money. But so many new bills and goals to better the kids' lives seem to take up so much of any extra money I get. And a double edged sword is that I have lost so much baby weight that my clothes are too big and I can't afford to buy new ones. Bummer right? I have lost 50 pounds counting Etta ' s actually birth. 10 more pounds and I will weigh what I did when I met my husband.  OK, back to prosperity... I should be starting a part time job a few hours a day before my main job. That should help us get our heads above water. I will never be home to see my kids though. I wish I did not want to be an attachment parent. 

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