Friday, January 2, 2015

Watching the Wiggles / Genetic testing results

Our Tiny Baby does seem to like the Wiggles. Old school stuff though mind you...
I got the results of her genetic testing back today. Of all the things they tested her for she came back negative for anything. We are really thankful but now we still don't have any answers. I don't believe she had any trauma at birth that may have led to he challenges. Our next step is neurological testing. And since they will probably want to put her to sleep for an MRI I am not OK with that at her size. She just broke 16 pounds. No amount of anesthesia is going into my baby unless she absolutely needs it. I was OK with the blood draw for the genetic testing but not that. If she were in pain or having seizures that were causing pain or damage I would re-think it but not now. I just wish she would make a little bit more progress with her motor skills. She is sitting more but she still isn't catching herself when she falls. She isn't rolling from her back to her stomach. She is making some more sounds though. And she is one joyful baby....

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  1. I'm glad you posted the update, I had been wondering about her tests. I applaud your call on the anesthesia.