Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Happy Birthday Evan

It is so hard to believe another year has past. I know I say that almost every time I post about a birthday. But really? My 3rd son is 9 years old?! I had about 4 years between births when he was born. That was my longest stretch. He was my first VBAC. I was a bit terrified to get pregnant let along give birth after Annika's difficult pregnancy and traumatizing birth. As I made the decision to conceive and birth Evan my whole life changed. His father and I became more committed. My whole life became more child led and family oriented. I had always been mother and at times a partner but now 9 years ago I was really a grown up! Evan was my first child born in my 30s. He was my first child born when I was a newly happy Atheist. I was more educated about birth and life in general. I was working on my Master's degree when he was born. I was working full time and raising my older children. I remember the night labor began with him like it was yesterday. With Evan I experienced my only spontaneous water breaking at home. I remember sitting on the couch just drinking juice and waiting for the daycare to open so I could drop my girls off (the boys were with their father) at daycare. He was born before lunch weighing in at 8 pounds 3.5 ounces. A half ounce heavier than my heaviest baby, Connor.

Evan is a unique child as all children are. He has a bit of a strong ego and can be super stubborn to say the least. He is not much of a people pleaser. Man is he smart. Some people always asked me if I was going to hold him back a year in school because he ended up being smaller than his peers and he had a summer birthday. Little did most people know, I planned for him to be born in the summer. I have a summer birthday and was 17 when I graduated high school. That just seems normal to me. He is already pretty bored with school and makes good grades without even trying. In several subjects he is above grade level. I can only imagine how bored he would be if he were placed a grade behind.

Happy 9th Birthday Evan!

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