Wednesday, September 9, 2015

C is for....

Oh, the dreaded letter of the week activities that are plagued by most childcare teachers working in a structured average school. We love and hate them. Ok, I may dislike them more than I should but I am having a friendly completion with my fellow two year old teacher, Kitty. Yes, I am lucky enough to have a friend and co-worker named Kitty. The toddlers love it. Her daughter is in my class so we all have a great time. Ass we explore textures and have new experiences we tie in the letter of the week into our projects and art. I really like how the carrots turned out. The children first painted the orange and green paper with finger paint. When it dried I cut it out into carrot shapes and the leaf tops. I curled the tops as you would ribbon to give it a more 3D effect. I used an orange crayon to make lines on the dried paper for extra detail. The children then explored a black cut out uppercase letter C before it was glued to the paper.
For the cloudy C art project I just cut out while uppercase letter Cs and had the children place cotton onto it. As a sensory and fine motor component to the activity I encouraged the children to pull apart the cotton balls into wispy pieces before gluing them. I chose a dark blue paper as the "sky" background. I like the bold contrast it makes on the paper combined with the children's names written in black.
We have more letter C projects planned for the rest of the week but bring on the letter D!!!

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