Monday, January 9, 2017

Always interesting to bring kids to work....

I was pretty upset when school was delayed for 2 hours today. I don't mind bringing my kids to work at all. But, because the bus was going to be late and I work for myself I cannot afford to "just call in" or delay work. Other families depend on me to teach and care for their children. Of course I could have asked my mother to see the 2 school going kids on the bus but she already was helping with her great-granddaughter because her daycare was delayed. What upsets me is that the roads were fine. The temperature was cold but that is what coats and hats are for. There was ice and snow at my job because it was very shady in the one spot we explored. It wasn't very cold and I am sure all will melt by tomorrow. But those 2 kids have unexcused absences now. Something out of my control and they will have to pay for it.

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