Thursday, January 12, 2017

Full Moon

I wanted to spend some time with the moon tonight. Maybe when all the kids are asleep I can step out for a minute at least. Elaina almost locked my keys in the car this afternoon. I really thought she did but one door was unlocked. She did it on purpose that is what is so frustrating. Yesterday at child care she screamed and misbehaved for over 2 hours just because she did not want to clean up. I was her teacher so I know the whole story. Today she was better but she lost out on a visit with Granny because of her behavior. Etta had therapy and Evan tagged along but Elaina was stuck with me. I taught in the Toddler Class today so she had a different teacher and she acted OK till we got home. This child has pushed my buttons more than even Danny during his worst Autistic fit as a toddler or Annika during night long seizures. I need to step outside and recharge....

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