Friday, September 11, 2009

Chapter Four

The babysitter left her home for her initial military training. She was enjoying the empowering feeling of attempting to accomplish something both physically and emotionally challenging. Over a month into her training she began to feel just not quite right. She visited the medical clinic to make sure she was not seriously ill. She received some shocking news. She was told that she was pregnant. This was a shock because this meant that her training would have to come to an end. The babysitter was not unhappy that she was expecting another child but she was at ends now as to what direction her life would take. As was procedure she was transferred to a unit that was preparing for departure from the military. She collected her belongings and boarded a bus for home. She sought out medical care and tried to get her life back in order. She spent time with her son and tried to imagine which direction her life would go now. She made a decision that the father of her child had the right to know about the pregnancy. There was no question in her mind that the husband was the father of her child. She called him on the phone and told him that she would like to talk to him in person whenever he got the chance. She gave him directions to her new home and he arrived that afternoon. She sat him down and explained that she was pregnant and that she was sure that he was the father of the child. He was in shock. He wanted to know what the babysitter's plan was. She informed him that she did not see the need to interfere in his life with his wife. He seemed relieved that the babysitter was not trying to complicate his life. He knew that his family back home would be disappointed that he had fathered another child out of wedlock and wanted to keep the child a secret from them. The babysitter knew the husband did not love her. She had no expectations about his involvement. The husband stood up and gave the babysitter a hug. He told her that he knew she would continue to be a good mother and he wished her well. The babysitter never saw the husband again. Months later she delivered a healthy baby girl with strawberry blond hair just like her father.

The End


  1. The end? Where's chapter 5?

    I like your writing style on this one, btw.

  2. Thanks!!! Is it a true story? Huuuumm!!

  3. ok seriously...the story cannot end here!!!