Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Once Upon a Time....

Chapter One

Once there was a young girl. She had curly blond hair and her parents were very proud of her. She was an only child and she held all of their expectations. She was bright and had a talented voice. It seemed that her musical talent would take her places. As she grew into a young woman her musical interests broadened from just an interest in music to an interest in her young handsome music teacher. Now, the law of the land said that she was too young to explore her feelings but that did not stop her and her mentor from celebrating their new interest in each other. She still held the appearance of innocence while in her parents' presence but her true innocence was given to this first love. It did not last though. It may have been his wife that came between them or that he just moved on after the newness had worn off, who knows. But the girl moved on to other loves and set her eye on a bit of a bad boy. He was not quite what her parents had in mind but maybe it was just a phase. As she finished her schooling and prepared to move on to a local college with a full music scholarship she discovered something surprising. She had just turned 18 years old and she was pregnant. Well, the bad boy that she had been dating did the right thing and proposed marriage on the spot. He even thought her parents would be relieved if maybe he told them he was not her first love and it was not him that totally stole her innocence. That did not quite go over that well. The girl's parents did not want her to marry beneath her at such a young age. They urged her not to continue with the pregnancy. The girl felt in her heart that accepting motherhood was a road she was ready to go down. She married the boy as soon as possible. In order to support his new family to be the boy joined the military and was sent off for training. The girl was now a wife and the boy was a husband. The husband tried his best but while he was separated from his new wife he strayed. He spent intimate moments with a female that he meant while he was in training. He felt his wife would never know so that he was safe from her wrath. He returned to his wife ready to be the supportive husband she needed. Their new home was miles away from their families but this gave them the chance to rely on each other. Soon their bundle of joy arrived. They were now the proud parents of a little girl with her mother's blond curls. The young family was happy and thriving.


  1. very interesting story ... sounds like it could be real life. is it?

  2. "She was bright and had a talented voice."

    Methinks we all need more on this topic. Or do I mean: proof? Would like to know more, Susie-Q!

    And I am wondering... whatever happened to the curls?

  3. Ah, the little girl is not me. Guess again.

  4. Yeah, I'm not very quick. I got it now though. I think. Maybe.