Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Such a beautiful day today

The sun was shinning and I felt like getting out of the house.  I loaded up Eliot, Ben, and Lyn and we headed to the library. We packed a snack in hopes of stopping by the playground on the way home. Ben and Eliot played in the preschool room for quite a while and Lyn found some great gardening books and of course some more Beatles books. While I watched the little kids play a dozen or more toddlers along with their parents came in. A story time had just let out and they all came in to play. A mom named Melissa sat down next to me and we chatted about various things. It would be nice to meet up with her again for a play date or just a chat.

 After checking out our books we headed to the playground near the library. We enjoyed our snack and fed the ducks. Ben was a bit afraid of the water but he had no problem chasing the ducks and geese down.

As everyone was running out of steam we loaded up and headed to Organic Harvest. I was looking for a certain type of drink bottle. I found it. I needed a swing lock bottle to make some kefir drinks in and we hit the jackpot. I got 4 root beers but I really was only after the bottles. 

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