Friday, March 9, 2012

Trouble in the cul-de-sac

Lyn started a caregiving project this week. She is taking care of a "baby" egg. She made a little video explaining what she is doing.

She was supposed to be taking it with her everywhere. It came with us to the store and the playground. She took it with her when she went out to play with her friends. Well, there are a few boys, and a girl or two, that we ask the kids not to play with. Frankly, they are just bullies and it is a challenge sharing a neighborhood with them. A few of the boys snatched up Lyn's "baby" tore it apart and threw it down. I did not see it happen and have to just trust what my child told me. I just cannot believe that kids can be so cruel for no reason. I went to the mom of the children and told her what happened. I kept it civil and just told her what I was told. Other boys came to my door and handed me an egg and said that they were sorry. They said they did not realize that the "thing" Lyn was caring around was a project for school (that is what I told the mother). I guess since they thought it was a school assignment gave them more guilty? Regardless if it was for school or not where is the respect for other's property or interests?

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