Saturday, January 4, 2014

From Earth to Water

I have considered myself an Earth spirit for a long time. I have wished to be a Fire or at least Air spirit but I have now become a Water spirit who longs for the days of being a grounded Earth spirit. My emotions are out of control. I cannot focus. I cry a lot. I soak up negative energy and just flow into the vessel around me. That vessel can be a room in my house filled with happy screaming children that make me happy or a dark bedroom where I am alone and scared of the world for no reason. But I become my surroundings.  I used to dislike people who were Water spirits. I felt they were weak. Annika is a Water spirit.  I either need to learn to flow and change like Water or just weep.

Notice Elaina "organizing" my candles under my table. After she broke about 6 of them I had Evan and Eliot find boxes for them with lids....

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