Thursday, April 30, 2015

Happy 19th Birthday Danny

19 years ago my identity changed. I went from Woman to Mother. Mothering Daniel  has never been easy but it has been worth it. When he was an infant and toddler I never knew his challenging behavior was due to his Autism. He has taught me so much. The patience I have with children started with him. I worked with children before he was born but my outlook changed after I had him. I felt more of a connection with parents. Especially when parents seem at their wits end with a child who won't sleep or who is not meeting society's expectations of a two year old I can understand. Danny is now an adult by Alabama's standards. More than likely he will continue to live with his father. I wish his father would try harder at helping Danny to become independent. But, honestly his father is not good at that. I probably won't be posting much about Danny from now on. He is an adult and as a mother I can give him his space. I hope he will come to me one day if he needs me. I will always be there for him..... 

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