Sunday, November 22, 2015

Bread Communion and more....


Today is a Unitarian Universalism celebration. It is Bread Communion. Simply, it is a day to celebrate being grateful. Bread is such a basic simple food that for generations has been a staple in households and fed the hungry. The church we usually attend encourages families to focus on their family traditions or ancestry when baking bread to share. I like to think of heavy hearty dark barley breads from my Irish / Scottish heritage. We enjoyed a mountain bread with soft cheese. We all enjoyed other goodies for a full picnic. It was Etta's birthday but she stayed at home with her Dad. The little boys were visiting Grandma and Danny and Connor were at their father's house. We visited a park that I know has mistletoe. I try and collect some this time of year to decorate the house and use in charms or for herbal use. Eliot was my helper to collect some pieces that were too high. I try to always leave plenty to grow for the next season. We collected enough for my uses this season. 

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