Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Girly and Womyn Time

I was honored yesterday to have a visit from two young women from my old UU church. Lily and her sister Hannah are two very dear women. I remember the first time I met them as I led a meditation group at church. Lily works in the church nursery and I have missed her a lot. I feel like she is one of my own daughters. She has shown a lot of interest in herbs, essential oils, and other natural ways of looking at and dealing with life. I passed on a lot of samples to her and she also got the opportunity to talk to me and Lyn about non-toxic better for the environment menstrual products. She took with her a few charcoal bamboo pads and a menstrual cup. I hope I am not embarrassing her by talking about her. But, demystifying our normal cycles and our blood is the only way to help the next generation be more than the last....

Lily, you and Hannah are always welcome at my home. In any time of need we are here.

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