Friday, November 13, 2015

Sweet Grandbaby

As Lyn works I get to snuggle with Jaynie. ..
I am so proud of Lyn. She is raising her baby. Jaynie is fully breastfed. Lyn has a job. I am able to care for my grandchild so Lyn can be productive and meet her own needs and her child's needs. My mother has helped me and continues to help me with my children. I do not see it as a burden to help Lyn or any of my children as they have their own children. Lyn is pretty cool. She has a job, car, savings, college credit with more on the way, she is intelligent, she has goals in life. She is far ahead of the game compared to her peers. Raising her child without a father is her choice. She is choosing not to force the male that contributed to Jaynie's existence to participate. It is his choice to be absent. I am glad our society is at least halfway accepting of this choice especially when the mother is successful. Lyn can be nothing but successful. She may not feel this way sometimes but so many adults out there live off the system, other people, break laws to survive, or those adults are plainly not given the tools to succeed. That is not my Lyn!!!

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