Saturday, April 8, 2017

All about baby...

Sort of... A new baby gets a lot of attention but it is not all about him. As a mom of many my other kids get what they need and want. Not all they want of course but enough so that they know they are lived and cherished as much as the new life in the house. They were that new little one once. Elaina held Eli for a good while this morning. Etta thinks she can hold him a lot and comes running if she hears him cry to tell me he is crying. I remind her I know he is crying and I am tending to him.

He is eating OK but his weight isn't back where I want it. I'll weigh him at night every day to gauge his progress. He spits up some. Eliot was my last baby to really spit up a lot. We will just have to see how he does. He takes pumped breastmilk just fine from a bottle or the breast. I am charting his feeds. I haven't done that for my babies since maybe my first almost 21 years ago. He definitely isn't one to hang on for hours like Etta was. She never lost any weight from birth. Elias has a pound to pick up on....

He is peeinf and pooping good. His newborn cloth diapers are working great.

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