Monday, April 10, 2017


Well, Ben had an accident while visiting his dad's parents. He didn't just chip his tooth it broke and almost hit a nerve. They couldn't find the piece and we weren't told till later. He was taken to the dentist today and they fixed it. The built up tooth should last 10 years. He just needs to eat soft food for a few days. He got some cavities filled too. This was a permanent tooth that got broken. I shed a tear or two. I was afraid insurance wouldn't cover it and say it was cosmetic. It was all covered. Ben can't have gas so he had local numbing medication only. The kids tend to have bad reactions to gas like throwing up and thrashing around and even muld hallucinations so we say away from it. Thank goodness for my mom. I just wasn't up for a dentist visit with Elias so young. She took him.

On another note... Eliot lost another tooth last night. She looks like a reverse vampire now.

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