Saturday, April 15, 2017

Baby Boy

Elias, or as the little kids are calling him Eli, is a super snuggler. This is exactly where he wants to sleep. Or, in the middle of my chest is a favorite spot too. I thought he was going to be a super fussy baby. He could cry a lot from the get go. He has settled down now. He is getting into a typical newborn routine. Lots of sleeping, not as much eating as I would expect but enough to be growing OK. And, definitely enough to be pooping a lot. He seems to save those for the afternoon.

I was hoping that the dizziness that I was experiencing for the past month or 6 weeks or so would go away when he was born. I figured it was just pregnancy related. Nope, still getting dizzy for no reason. Doesn't seem to be blood pressure related. I think my blood sugar is OK. No way to check it but I eat when I am hungry and try to keep it balanced. My diet hasn't really changed. Oh well.... It will get better or it won't.

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