Monday, April 15, 2019

Proverbs 31

This chapter shares so much on what a virtuous woman is. It is the last chapter in Proverbs but don't let it get skipped over. Our very modern worldy society that we live in can be very hard. Looking at the Word directly can help guide us. The whole chapter can show a woman how to be fruitful in her marriage, in business, in managing a home, helping in the community,  and guiding her children along the right path all the while being considered more worthy than rubies to her husband and have his eye alone so he need not look for anything beyond her because she provides all. This is a strong independent wife that is described here. Women were not created to serve and be second to men. God knew what he was doing. Women are to be beside their husband in the Lord.

Men be thankful if your wife is striving to be a Proverbs 31 wife. Women, bear heart, because this is an ideal to strive for but do not beat yourself up if you feel you fall short in ways described in chapter 31. But have joy that we have a path to follow that only ends till eternity starts. You have your whole marriage and life to strive. No one is perfect but it is nice to have a reference guide...

Blessings to all Proverbs 31 women and to their husbands who are blessed to have found and love them.

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