Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Home from the beach...

Before school starts for Annika and the big boys we planned a trip to the beach. Thank you Granny for inviting us. Danny and Connor opted out and stayed home with their dad. We missed them the whole time. It was Ben's first trip to the beach. He did really well. We had the chance to swim in either an indoor or outdoor pool. The beach looked great. We saw a little bit of oil but other than that the sand and water was clean. Evan was braver than we thought he would be in the water. He isn't swimming like a fish like Eliot but he is getting better. The weather was great. It was hot though. We were out to the beach at sunrise to take advantage of cooler temperatures. We saw crabs, clams, sand fleas (I think that was what it was), salt water catfish, porpoises, and plenty of birds. Hubby and I even were able to go for a night swim.

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