Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Breastfeeding in public again?

OK does my backyard count? Ben is 16 months old today and I am so happy to say that he is still breastfeeding and doesn't seem to want to give it up anytime soon. He will drink from an open cup for Dad during the day but mostly he just waits for me to come home to get some "mama's milk". He is still waking up at night to nurse too. Since I am away from him during the day at work I don't mind that unless he just wants to play and not go back to sleep. I am proud of him for learning how to latch at 3 months of age. I was confident in him and my body. I am hoping he will continue to nurse till he is  at least2 years old. We all seem to forget that the medical community recommends nursing a year as the minimum not the maximum of breastfeeding duration.

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