Saturday, September 3, 2011

It will come back to you....

Where to start? Well, at  the beginning of course. It is a beautiful day today. I took 5 of the kids down to the Farmer's Market at Old Towne Helena. We looked at everything from fresh vegetables, homemade soap and pottery (I saw a small platter I liked) and headed straight to the playground. The kids played for quite a while. They were giving away free lemonade and tomato sandwiches so we were able to refuel. I sat on a bench and watched the kids play. A mom with a 11 month old son sat beside me. Lyn and I recognized her as a mom we met at Babypalooza. We talked mom talk and watched the kids. Lyn then brought me a wallet she found around the club house on the playground. It belonged to a teenage boy complete with his mom's health insurance card, his driver's licence, love letters, and two dollars. I took his mom's name looked her up online, matched her phone number with the address on the licence (power of the Internet on my phone), and called her. As I was leaving a message she answered the phone. She had just got home from working the night shift as a nurse. She got right back in her car and found her way to the playground. Lyn ran the wallet up to her so she would not have to look for us on the playground. The mom gave Lyn $10 for finding the wallet. Later the mom and the teenager both texted me to thank us for finding the wallet. I reminded the teenager that it was our pleasure and to try and return the favor one day if and when he finds someones wallet. He said he would. As we played in the water afterwards I held a sleeping baby in my arms. As we were driving away I remembered the platter I liked and sent Lyn to buy it for $4.00. That left us with $6.00....

On the way home I talked to Lyn about the law of three. I asked her how much money was in the wallet we found. It was $2.00. I asked her how much was left? $6.00 and a platter.... I told her some people would have taken the $2.00 and thrown the wallet away or taken the $2.00 and then called the family or turned the wallet over to someone else to handle.

I asked Lyn to count how many people were affected positively by us finding the wallet. She came up with at least 5. The mom, the teenager, the potter, herself, and me. I reminded her of even more like, the teenager's friends he tells the story to and the mom's friends and family and all of you that read my blog. Now that is the power of three!!!!

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