Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Making Valentines for Alabama Midwives

OK, actually we made them for the senators and representatives responsible for sponsoring and voting for the bill that hopefully will allow Certified Professional Midwives (CPMs) to practice legally in Alabama. Right now mothers who want to have home births in Alabama either have them without any professional birth attendants or with the assistance of a Midwife that practices illegal with threat of prosecution. Even if a mother wants a Midwife at her birth at a birth center (we don't have any here) that is not an option. A lot of moms drive over the state border to Tennessee where Midwives practice legally and are the norm. Because Midwives are not recognized here in Alabama health insurances will not pay for their care. That leaves the poor out of the picture. Even a family who can live within their easily would find it hard to shell out the thousands of dollars necessary to pay out of pocket for each birth in their family. Why does Alabama deny choices to their mothers. Hopefully all of that will change soon. Too many of the student Midwives that hold the future of births in this state in their hands are moving away to practice in other states. We can't let Alabama's resources slip through our fingers. Click on the blue lotus on my side bar to learn more about the Alabama Birth Coalition to help support Alabama's Midwives.

Eliot working away. Lyn, Annika, and Evan were also helping...

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