Monday, May 26, 2014

Antibiotic Essential Oils

I am a firm believer in using nutrition,  herbs, rest, sunshine,  and essential oils to maintain my health and sometimes to cure or treat a health problem. I am not a medical professional and am not saying this is for everyone but it worked for me.

I teach toddlers and 4 of them came down with strep this past week. I got a sore throat, fever, swollen tonsils with pustules.  I also had the makings of mastitis on top of it all. I do not have health insurance and could not afford a trip to the doctor.  I assumed I had strep throat because of my symptoms and exposure.  I broke down and treated the pain with ibuprofen even though I didn't want to. I took detox baths diffused lemon EO. I then ingested a capsule of each of the oils pictured twice a day for two and a half days. All of my symptoms disappeared from my throat and my breast.

A lot of people are afraid to ingest EOs. I don't blame them. They can be harmful if misused or of poor quality.  But so can drugs.  More people die or are harmed from prescription drug and OTC drug use than from EO use everyday. I never take my health lightly. I am well. It may have totally been a coincidence or the oils could have been the perfect treatment.  All I know is I am thankful I am well.

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