Saturday, May 2, 2015

Happy 13th Birthday Annika

Annika's birth was very traumatic and she has had a very complicated role in my life. I love her but she has chosen to distance herself from me and her half siblings. I do not understand but I will respect her choices. She is young and has a cognitive disorder. Because of this I can wait and see if she changes her mind. I thought as she got older and started on her path into womanhood she would need me more. I was wrong so far. Again, she is young. I will always be here for her. She chooses to live with her father and brothers. Her father's influence is strange and unproductive in my opinion but I cannot control her. I get a lot of flak from strangers and casual friends for "letting" my daughter live with her father. Parents have equal rights. I don't believe mothers are better than fathers. Some individuals make better parents but their gender does not dictate that. Do I feel that her father is a better parent? Actually, no I don't. I believe I am the better parent but he has equal rights as do I. She made her choice and I allowed it....
I love you Annika.....

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  1. It's tough. I've been where you are. I have 6 children and we all have a wonderful, close relationship, except for my oldest. She became distant right around the time of her menarche and went to live with her dad. It's difficult with split families and all I can say is, be there for her, give her love as you are doing. At that age, forcing her to stay with you would have been difficult. Don't let the opinions of others create more guilt and stress in your life than you already have. Many Blessings to you from one Pagan Mamma to another. )O(