Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Etta's 18 month visit

It is so hard to believe that Etta is over a year and a half old. When Elaina was her age Etta was newly Earthside. My mother is able to take her to most of her weight checks but I took off work to be able to be there for her 18 month well visit yesterday. I don't do regular well visits with the other children but since she is special needs I make the effort to make sure she is monitored. She wasn't too happy about being poked and prodded a little (no shots though) but overall she did well. She is growing just not as much and as fast as we would hope for. He developmental milestones are still behind to but she is progressing. She weighs 18 pounds now and is 29 inches long. To me she looks very proportional with some baby fat but since she has some low tone looks can be deceiving. One interesting thing did happen at the appointment. I was asked if I was mother or grandmother.... Since I will be 41 next month and a grandmother the month after that I can let it slide. I am old enough to be a grandmother.......

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