Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I have to go potty!

On the way home yesterday Evan started wiggling. Then he was fussing. Then he was flat out crying. I asked him what was wrong and in a pitiful voice he said "I have to go potty". This is from a child that even at 4 years old consistently wets and soils his pants. So I had to listen and try to head off an accident. I pulled off at the nearest logical place, Cahaba Lily Park. I knew they had restrooms and or a grassy field. Of course they also have a playground. Evan and Eliot both went potty and then made a run for the playground. I let them know they could both slide down once and then we had to go home. We were there at least 15 minutes. They were having so much fun if baby Ben didn't have to nurse we would have stayed longer. As I put Eliot into her carseat kicking and screaming I promised them we would go home, eat, and bring everyone else back to the park. We did just that minus Lyn who was at volleyball practice. It was dark. We could not see. But we played for a while at the playground. It ended up being a good Tuesday.

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