Tuesday, September 11, 2012

At Lyn's practice

I took Annika, Ben, and Elaina to meet up with Granny, Eliot, and Lyn at Lyn's volleyball practice. Ben's anxiety he has had since we had house guests went into full swing. Granny wasn't planning on staying for the practice. She just dropped Lyn off while I was at work till I could get there. She ended up taking Ben home. When they got there she just ended up taking him to her house to spend the night because we are having kid house guests again tomorrow. Poor baby. I don't think he handles change very well. Annika even had a hard time. She had a mini melt down at the practice. She just started crying for no apparent reason. The big scary world isn't for everyone. Lyn may be adventurous and Annika may never leave her hometown. Ben may be a homebody and Evan may be president on day. And that is all OK. And Eliot just may be a teacher... Check out how well she played with and read to Elaina...

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