Monday, September 3, 2012

Awesome thrift store finds...

Look at all that I found minus a toy I got for my Early Intervention work. Of course I love tea pots. The sage green one and the brown one are true treasures for me. The spiral plate has a matching one not in the picture. The two shelves will be put to good use.The brass "basket' needs to be polished and the small saucer in the middle will go on Elaina's shelf. Now look carefully in the middle and you will see a small glass tea cup. When I picked it up I had to have it! And for 25 cents I got it. The soup bowl in the front of the picture was made in England. I am sure Calyx Ware is common there but I have never seen it before. I am not sure if I will use it or display it. Isn't everything lovely?

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