Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Happy Birthday Eliot!!!

My baby girl is 5 years old today. I cannot believe it. We spent the morning together. We went to the grocery store and picked out a cake and had a purple 5 put on it. We then stopped by Granny's house so Eliot could get her present from her. We then went to Wal-mart so she could pick out her own gift with birthday money. We made a side trip to bring some good vibes to a friend in a bit of a crisis and then we stopped by the dollar store for candles and Halloween stuff. We then picked up lunch and ate it on the way. We stopped at the waterfall in Helena and collected some sand for our family circle of lights tonight in celebration of Eliot's birthday. This is one of my attempts to start some family rituals. Eliot decided to get into her birthday cake before some of the other kids came home. Since it is her birthday she gets to call some of the shots.

5 years ago a 7 pound bundle of spunkiness entered this world and her name is Eliot Claire!

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