Sunday, March 8, 2015

Sleeping (mama wants you to wean) Etta

Etta is 15 months old but still needs her Mama Milk. She is eating more and more food and drinks some cow and almond milk but breastmilk is her go to food. I am struggling with my desire to wean her myself. Since she is special needs I feel she has the right to breastmilk as long as possible even longer than the average child even longer than my other children because of her specific nutrition needs. She will not go on Pedia -sure!!! But man am I tied of the velcro routine. Because I work away from home for at least 12 hours a day when I get home she latches on and stays put. The same with the weekend. If she is with me and we aren't actively playing or in the car she wants to nurse. That is all wonderful and beautiful but I am tired. I am not complaining exactly. Well, maybe I am a little. I know what she needs and I know I am the only one that can provide it. I am still human and want my body back though some of the time. She is probably my last baby so I should enjoy it......

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  1. We are going on two years with Baby E. I am very much ready. She still nurses at night to sleep, but it is short. I know one of these times will be the last. I will be happy to have my body and hormones back to myself, but I also know she will miss it.