Friday, January 20, 2012

Making pudding

Annika was my helper today making dinner. She was in charge of dessert. It was just simple instant banana pudding but she still struggles with simple tasks like this. She had to check with me continuously to make sure she was doing it correctly. Her thought processes are just all over the place sometimes. OK, most of the time they are all over the place. It amazes me that she does so well in public school. Granted, the level of assignments and tests are more on a 2nd grade level than a 4th grade level so she isn't challenged very much. I worry about the life skills that she needs to master to be a productive adult. I wonder if she will ever drive a car or hold a job that will support her enough to not have to rely on others. I feel that she should be able to have social relationships but I worry that she never will understand what it takes to be a successful professional. That is OK to a degree. She does not have to be a medical doctor or a lawyer. I just want her to be happy and self-sufficient.....

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