Monday, January 9, 2012

Still working on my Postpartum Doula training.

I am trying to complete all of my Postpartum Doula training before winter is over. I have a lot of independent reading and writing to complete but it should not take me too long to finish. It helps that since I am a CLC (certified lactation counselor) I don't have to participate in a breastfeeding class. In fact I have actually taught a breastfeeding class to Doula students. I participate a little in the birth community in my area but I need to get my name out there more. There are a lot of Labor and Delivery Doulas out there but I haven't met any certified Postpartum Doulas. I am sure there are a few dual certified Doulas out there but I haven't met any.  I am hoping that I can fill a niche that needs to be filled. With my experience working with babies born with special needs and their families I am hoping I can be a unique resource for new parents.

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